About Me

About Me

I started photography in 2004 and have enjoyed a level of recognition and success with my work.  Far more importantly I have loved every minute of my time taking photos of all kinds of things, in all kinds of places.

Some people will tell you lots of different things when it comes to photography as a science or an art-form but as accurate as they may be, I think they are of little interest compared to someone who speaks with passion and experience.  I’d like to think I fall in to that category.

On my website,  I want to showcase some of my own photos which mean something to me but I want to do much more than that.  I want to help other hobbyists to get more from their equipment and I’d also like to write and review some of the various bits and pieces that I’ve carried in my kit bag for the last few years.

I’m on twitter, and only too happy to help if you have any comments or questions so have a good look round and enjoy your visit!

(You can find out more by visiting my about.me page)

About this Website

So whats on here then?  I set this website up for your benefit.  I want to share some of my photography journey with other hobbyists and anyone who’d like to find out more about gear and technique.  Expect reviews, comments, tutorials and extra bits and pieces.  Something for everyone.

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